November 2019 update: plutocrats ARE coming out of hiding.

If you’re like me, you may have been hoping for this. The only thing that would be better is Hillary making another attempt. All of this just makes the message of the left clearer: The very wealthy are in opposition to us fundamentally, and need to be reigned in so we can all have a […]

Amazon’s wildfires are increasing dystopia awareness

Dystopia awareness has been generally on the rise the last few years. You can see it in the movies and TV shows we consume. Media personalities are picking up on it too. And of course, the general Gen X – Millenial demographics seem to largely accept the future as dystopian. The abundance of forums and […]

I hope PreShow never takes off

I’ve been procrastinating a lot and delaying a long roundup for late 2018 – early 2019, but the moment I found out about this, I knew it had to be a separate entry. PreShow is a startup that in short, wants you to watch 15-20 minutes of advertisements to earn points that will let you […]

Round up for April – July 2018

Hello folks! Sorry it’s been so long. All together, these last four months have been one for the history books, even if we don’t know it yet. This post is really long, so here’s a brief highlights list. An AI joining the International Space Station crew Tommy Hilfiger introduces clothes with computer chips E-hallpass that […]

Covering the face in public should be a popular way of countering facial recognition

I’ve been hesitant to write about this for a while. After months of entertaining the idea in my head, I figured I might as well get it out into writing. Not because it’s a brilliant idea (it’s neither brilliant nor original, at all) but because it’s a cool idea. Well, cool might be the wrong […]

Big Data Needs Big Regulations

This is a short policy brief exploring the the problems posed by Big Data companies and potential solutions. I) Executive Summary Big Data companies thrive on the unregulated control and processing of massive amounts of information. This has resulted in several problems, political, economic, and psychological. Politically, Big Data companies have accumulated disproportionate influence within federal […]