Dystopia awareness has been generally on the rise the last few years. You can see it in the movies and TV shows we consume. Media personalities are picking up on it too.

And of course, the general Gen X – Millenial demographics seem to largely accept the future as dystopian. The abundance of forums and subreddits like r/ABoringDystopia and r/LateStageCapitalism are cases in point.

The last few days have been a visceral confirmation of what the dystopia doomers and alarmists have been saying. Deforestation and pro-business policies ushered in by Brazil’s proto-fascist president are in large part to blame, and the scope of the fires is historical in the worst sense.

To put it into perspective, the fires can be seen from space. The Amazon is one of the world’s most important ecological treasures, even in the pure, practical terms of human standards of living.

The news of the Amazon’s wildfires is going viral on social media, with pictures of Brazilian cities covered in darkness in the afternoon being particularly jarring.

And can you blame anyone for this reaction? Compare the pictures and footage of Rio dark at 3pm to this scene from Blade Runner 2049:

Frankly, I don’t have much else to say — I’m just noting it here for the purposes of archiving. 2019 is concluding with increasingly widespread dystopia awareness.

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