Foreword to all People in Bloom illustrations

Outwardly, this illustration series seems like a stretch. People turning into flowers is not, aesthetically speaking, even remotely cyberpunk.

There’s a thematic link, but it’s not one I’ll force on you. The short explanation is that I can’t help it—these are connected in my head, and that’s just how it is.

The longer explanation: People, like flowers, quickly wither without proper sustenance. I can’t help but marvel at how lonely we’ve become. I find myself laughing ironically while waiting for the world to get worse. Dystopia is here, and we’re meeting it atomized.

It’s an age of loneliness, being in your 20s or 30s while living through the 2020s and eventually 2030s. Sometimes, after I log out of social media, after I finish watching all the brooding sci-fi on Netflix, I have to remind myself of something:

I’d like to see people in bloom. When I scroll on a screen, I want to see humans in bloom. Sometimes I do. Nothing deep about it—it’s just that simple. Enjoy.

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